Piggy’s Life

{July 18, 2014}   Gratitude #1

I used to post my gratitudes in a website which I discovered after Fluffball introduced it to me. Haven’t been posting there in a while and I can’t be bothered to find out what my password is. Instead, maybe it’s time I use this blog to begin charting down things that I am grateful for. 

And first in the list…

I am grateful that I do not have dengue.

I’ve been having fever on and off for almost a week and the stubborn gene in me had refused to see a doctor about it. Until Mr Producer and some colleagues got really concerned about the fever coming and going. Mr Producer started insisting that I get a blood test done and after feeling especially lousy at work yesterday, I finally forced myself to the Doc to get myself checked out. 

Did the blood test and yay, my platelets level is fine but my white blood cell (WBC) are especially high. Doc concluded that I have a bacteria infection which explains the on and off fever. With the prescription of the mother of antibiotics (according to Mr Producer), I’ve been given the rest of yesterday and today off.



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