Piggy’s Life

{July 7, 2009}   A better day, today

For some reason, I felt much better today. I wonder if it is because I had a talk with Win and/or the knowledge that the friends who know what is going on have been showering me with nothing but support, love and comfort.

I felt less prone to breaking down every 5 minutes or so. The sadness, the anger, the devastation…they all seem to have moved to someplace far away from me today. I think with me acknowledging the fact that Fluffball has been there for me the whole entire week when I needed someone to talk to, Marina and Josh thinking and encouraging me to do new things and try out new activities and Win constantly sending sms-es filled with love and care had all helped me get out of the dark rut today.

Yes, I still feel a slight pinch in my heart when the mind wanders innocently to him at times but I am able to push him out of my thoughts and concentrate on work and remembering my dance steps.

Read her blog today and her latest entry strike a too familiar chord. Even though it has been a year for her, the hurt is all too fresh and emotions seem to be rushing to her all at once. What I experienced may be different from her in terms of circumstances but I believe the feeling of abandon and hurt are the same at some point.

I pray and home that she will be better with time and find someone who will cherish her and never let her go. As for myself, I pray and hope that one year down the road, if I do meet him on the street or in a mall or anywhere accidental, I would be able to look at him and think, “I’m not in love with him anymore. I don’t love him anymore. He is just someone I know from the past“.

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