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{May 9, 2008}   Miserable May…so far

Life has been pretty miserable for me in the past nearly 2 weeks.

First, I sprained my neck muscles and had to take MC for a whole week. Sure it was great to get a break from work. All I did was sleep most of the time. Yes, it’s nice to finally get to catch up on my sleep without any worries or interruption for once but after doing nothing but sleep for 2 weeks, the mind starts craving for something more substantial. Tried doing some work at home but there was not much done due to the ache in the muscles when I sit too long facing the lappie. The bf suggested that I do work laying down with the lappie propped on my bent legs. I was not keen on the idea and abandon the thought from my mind without a moment’s hesitation. Speaking of the bf, the sprain neck muscles happened because of him.

Before anybody’s mind start theorising on how I sprained the neck muscles, let me put the fire out for some of the outrageous and saucy thoughts that may be racing around your minds now. No, I did not sprain the muscles because we were trying position 187 in the Karma Sutra. No, I did not sprain the muscles due to some strenuous activity. And no, I did not sprain the muscles because I slept on the wrong side of the bed. I sprained the muscles while trying to load my bags in the overhead luggage compartment in the plane. Yeah…I know.  A boring and uninteresting excuse.

It all happened because the bf wanted me to accompany him in his business trip. A trip that he decided unexpectedly at the last minute due to the late arrival of the invitation card. He could have chosen not to attend the function but that would mean losing the chance to meet a VVIP who could help his company finally move on with their plans. We took the plane to and fro and it was during the trip back when I sprained the muscles.

I did not realise that there was a sprain until I sat down on my seat. Felt a sharp pain on the left side of the neck and knew immediately that I must have pulled some muscles. It did not help that the pain kept increasing throughout the whole flight to the point where I cannot even turn my head to the left at all. The painful spot was immediately treated with some Yoko-yoko to help relieve the pain. It did work, somewhat. At least enough to help me sleep through the night. Had to go to the doc’s and was prescribed some painkillers and muscle relaxants for it. After taking MC for 2 whole days, I felt fit enough to go back to work and that’s exactly what I did. Work. Bad idea.

My muscles have not exactly healed when I went back to work. As a result of the long hours facing the lappie at work and the freezer I called ‘office’, the situation deteriorated. My shoulder and upper back were in pain and the whole of my left arm was numb. I was not able to drive and even carrying my handbag in my left arm hurts. Because the situation went from bad to worse, the bf insist that I go to the specialist instead of visiting a GP again.

So, there I was on an early Monday morning last week in Damansara Specialist Hospital getting myself prodded around by the good doctors. I’ve been diagnosed with sprain neck muscles due to long hours in front of the computer. The explanation is simple. My neck and shoulder muscles are used to staying in a particular position due to my long hours in front of the computer. I’ve not been utilising the other parts of my muscles for other activities. The sudden stretch of my muscles while trying to put away my luggage has pulled my muscles out of the “normal position” and ladies and gentlemen, I sprained my muscles.

The orthopedic surgeon gave me stronger medication to help with the pain, muscles and nerves. At the same time, I had to go for physiotherapy every alternate day to take the pain away from the muscles. The physio helped tremendously. It also dented the piggy bank considerably. Nevertheless, the muscles now feel fit enough to for the bali trip this weekend.

Thinking the worst is over, I finally got back to work on Monday. Wednesday morning, I started to develop a slight rash over my body. But the usual blonde that I was thought that it was nothing serious. I regretted it immediately when the rash started to itch after lunchtime. Not only has the rash develop to the whole body from the arms, it was itching so badly I found myself scratching and scratching and scratching non-stop! I must have looked like a monkey then. Sigh…

Colleagues said that it might not be an allergy. My Senior Management personnel all thinks it’s measles. And so, once again, I made another trip to the doc’s. I was diagnosed with atypical measles because there was no fever accompanying the rash. I was given MC for 2 days meaning I’m not in the office today and tomorrow again. However, both the doctor and the nurse said that the spots should subside in 2-3 days which means I can still go for my Bali trip! Yay!! The only downside to the whole thing? I may not be able to don on my bikini. 😛 But heh! Bikinis can always be worn another time. It’s the trip that counts and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while.

I’ve been down and out the past 2 and a half weeks because of the sprain muscles and now the measles. But come this weekend, things will change. Oh yeah baby! I can feel it in my bones. Bali will be a good change and I can’t wait to go for this vacation! Crossing my fingers and really hoping things will be good for me once again. I really do not want the whole of May to be miserable to me. Pray for me, people!


zewt says:

only a sprained muscle… nothign serious la… 🙂

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