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{January 31, 2008}   My first published writing

It’s really, really exciting to see everything that you’ve worked so hard on and written being published in the newspapers. Even when you’re name was not published.

I’ve been doing in-house PR duties for 4 months now and it has given me many opportunities to meet up many people and listen to them tell their story on how they got their ideas and especially on the hardships that they face on their journey in entrepreneurship. One good thing that came out from working in this company, especially a GLC, is this particular opportunity. Listening to the entrepreneurs talk has arisen a passion in me to highlight their stories and help them garner publicity, which in the long run, will help them get investors interested in their products or services, which at the end of the day, will be commercialised. Think about this. The ICT and high technology products or services that are all Malaysian innovation will be used by international companies like Microsoft! How cool is that?!

Trying to get our entrepreneurs featured in the media is no easy task. Yes, it is in my job scope to do so but because I care so much about getting them into the media, I’m always bugging my entrepreneurs to give me the relevant information that I need and I’ve been liaising with the media constantly, especially one particular English paper where they have a weekly column which works very well to promote and feature my entrepreneurs. Monday was the first time ever where that column featured one of my entrepreneurs and I was so excited and happy to see the article printed out. Best of all, I saw nearly every word that I wrote was published, especially in the company profile section. It gives me so much satisfaction to see that article and I know that what I’ve been doing thus far in the company for our entrepreneurs are well worth it.

It saddens me a little to think about leaving these entrepreneurs when I leave the company in the future. But until I line up another job, I’ll continue working hard for my entrepreneurs who really deserve all these attention after all the hard work they’ve put in and all sorts of problems that they’ve faced, even bankruptcy.


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It’s not related to your post but you got tagged! 😛

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